We offer top quality products, from expansion joints and flexible steel hoses to couplings, flanges, valves and gaskets. Please have a look at our catalouge or contact us if you have any questions.

Flexible Steel Hoses

Braided hoses with a high physical strength

Interlink flexible steel hoses offers a cost effective and reliable solution to absorb the effects of vibration and misalignment on pipework and machinery.

Rubber Hoses

Made of natural latex or synthetic rubber

Rubber hoses are used for many applications. From garden hoses to high pressure hydraulic hoses. Delivered with a variety of different connections.


The best fire protection for your hoses

Constructed from high bulk glass fiber braided sleeve. Excellent modulus of elasticity makes the pyrojacket an ideal choice for hostile hi-heat environments.


A large program of valves is available on request

Interlink can supply a wide range of valves for all purposes. Do not hesitate to contact us, if you have a need for valves.

Composite hoses

Hoses with extra high flexibility

Our composite hoses are extreme flexible, light but still strong. They are among more used for loading and unloading of chemical and oil products.

Steel Expansion Joints

With connections to your specification

As a specialist in expansion joints we can offer steel expansion joints with bore diameters of anything from 12 mm to 5,000 mm – with one or more plies.

Rubber Expansion Joints

Diameters from 20 mm. to 4000 mm.

Interlink sells high quality rubber expansion joints which have been designed and developed to withstand various medias and temperatures.

PTFE hoses

Hoses with an outstanding chemical resistance

Interlink offers a great range of un-braided or stainless steel braided PTFE hoses. Our PTFE hoses can be offered with end fittings made after customer's wishes


Gaskets, flanges, bolts, nuts and couplings

As a service to our customers, we also supply a range of nuts, bolts, gaskets, flanges and various couplings you might need when replacing or installing.

Fabric expansion joints

Tailor made to your specifications

We are able to supply you with fabric expansion joints, in various materials suited for your needs.

Please send us an enquiry and let us take a look at it.