Rubber expansion joints

Interlink sells high quality rubber expansion joints which have been designed and developed to withstand various media, temperatures and pressures. A complete range of rubber expansion joints is available with diameters from 20 to 4000 mm. Interlink offer a wide range of materials and constructions which are designed and manufactured to ensure complete compliance with the customer's specifications and requirements.

Some of the typical applications for our rubber expansion joints are in chilled water systems, domestic hot water systems, cooling water systems in power stations, water treatment plants, petro-chemical installations, portable water pipework and plants, sewage work etc. We have expansion joints on stock from DN25 to DN200 in EPDM and NBR with DIN and JIS flanges.


Rubber compensators - conical with split-flanges

Handmade, conical, full-face rubber expansion joints

Standard program

Rubber expansion joints, with standard flanges.